Thursday, October 09, 2008

Thank You

Wow! Mommy put the call out for help and wouldn't you worked! Yep. Daddy got calls from both Grandma's, some uncles, a bunch of emails, and a whole bunch of friends called too! One was even from Arizona!

Thank you to everyone for your help. Mommy wants you to all know that she made it to her opera on time and also has her phone back. As for us kiddos, we are two very grumpy and snotty toddlers but we got to see our Daddy. Thanks again for your help!


Heather said...

Hooray for technology! We missed you at Bible Study today, and we all prayed that everyone will be healthy again soon so we can see you!

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Love you and glad you were able to get a hold of your beloved, or he was able to get a hold of you.

your families are awesome

Molly said...

You can actually probably also send the SMS from internet to daddy !!! Just go to google and type in 'sms" and your provider... it works great.. but of course, hopefully you wont need it again lol