Friday, October 10, 2008

And the winner is..

Jonah is not going to win the "best behaved" award today. He got into a bunch of trouble today that required two baths and a layer of paint on a wall. You're probably saying, "WHAT?" I will explain.

First, he wouldn't take his nap. Not a wink. He had already thrown a major fit at breakfast that required Mommy to give us baths. He continued being cranky all morning so Mommy gave us an early lunch and then put us in our rooms for a nap. First, Jonah just kept letting himself out. It wasn't until Mommy sat in front of his door and held it shut that he diverted his anger elsewhere. He went to his toys and knocked them all down. He must have forgot that he was mad because then he played for a while. Sadly, he eventually remembered and let himself out again.

Mommy made him go back into his room and climb onto his bed. He stayed in there for a while and that is when the stench filled the whole house. Yep. He pooped. But he remembered how mad he was so he took off his diaper and then proceeded to smear pooh and crayon all over the room. It was gross. She's also gonna have to clean the carpet. Ugh.

Just in case your wondering, I'm not winning the "best behavior" award either. I didn't take a nap and I bit Mommy when she tried to get me to lay back down. Another 'non-award' winner is the doggie we are babysitting. Mommy thinks that Jonah and that dog conspired together because the dog went into the field next to our house where some horses are and then rolled in their poop. She was so excited about her new shiny coat she ran into our house to show us but Mommy kicked her right back out. The dog is now in the garage.

Our puppies are also on the not in the winners circle. Granted, they didn't roll in horse pooh or smear it on the walls, but they did cause some trouble. Jack hurt his foot by chasing a turkey (yes, they're back) and Elsa is going to get hurt if she keeps barking at the horses. I don't think she realizes that they are much bigger than her.

So who is the winner? Mommy. After all, she's the one cleaning up after all this and dealing with two still-sick toddlers who haven't had their naps. She deserves a vacations. Phew. Hey, Mom! It still stinks in here...light a candle or somethin'.


RebeccaA said...

Oh, I do hope tomorrow is a better day for everyone!
Mom to Cameron and Nathan

Carolyn said...

Oh Kristy, you deserve a medal. What a day you have had !! I wish I lived closer so I could help out. Put a pot of coffee on and please take a brake.
Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

my heart goes out to you. my thoughts are with you.

amy and mighty max said...

oh man kristy...i am so sorry! what is with the poop smearing...yuck! you have my deepest sympathies.

oh and p.s. - dylan, don't you even think about teaching max how do this stinky trick. ok?

love you guys. now be good to your mommy this weekend!

love, amy and max

Mary said...


You are such a Super Mom! I don't know how you do everything!

I hope things improve soon.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Oh jeez. It's too much. You totally need a vacation or at least a day at the spa. Seriously.