Saturday, October 11, 2008

This Virus Is Really Making Mommy MAD

This cold/flu virus that has kept me out of school all week, caused many sleepless nights, made us very cranky, and more is going to make Mommy very mad. Okay. She already is. Jonah had a very high temperature last night and so when Mommy got home from her opera last night, she literally had to stay up with him all night long. She's exhausted.

This virus is a bad one. It causes high fevers, congestion, upset tummy's, and we ooze with gunk. Mommy keeps having to wash our eyes because they get so crusted with gunk and are swollen. Jonah keeps scratching at his eyes but the doctor says it is not least not yet.

Today's plan is to just have a quiet day at home. Put some cushions on the floor and call it a movie day. We'll pretend it's raining outside and not really the gorgeous sunshine that is peeking through our shades.

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Eva and her 'rents said...

Poor Jonah and Dylan! And poor Mommy! Get better soon...and don't share that stuff with us, please!