Tuesday, November 11, 2008

One Cool Kid

Mommy is always scared when she takes me places. Mostly, it's because she wonders how other kids will treat me when I'm trying to play with them or around them. She's always anxious and holds her breath whenever we go somewhere we know that I'll be around new people.

Yesterday was no exception. We've been stuck inside with colds and so we decided to finally venture out for some fun. We were all feeling a little better and the walls in our house were starting to feel very, very small. Jonah and I teamed up and drove Mommy absolutely NUTS all morning long so that by lunchtime, she knew it was time to do something. Since she was alone in caring for us kids for the day, she decided to let us run amok in McDonalds. It's enclosed and there is lots of room to go crazy.

She packed us up and off we went. Jonah and I were having a great time. Jonah played with the legos with a new friend while I explored the ball crawl. Most kids just ignored me, jumped around me, or gave me looks. But one kid (about 4 or 5 years old) in particular was especially curious and since he seemed interested in me, I tried to play with him. He wasn't sure what to do so Mommy finally approached to ask if he needed something. His response..."He's creeping me out! What's wrong with him?"

Mommy held her breath. Exhaled. Then explained that I can't talk with my mouth so I use my hands. She also explained that I wanted to play with him but I am a little slower than he was so I needed his help. This kid thought it over for a second....and then became my best buddy for the rest of the hour. He kept making up sign language and even interpreted my own signs as whatever he wanted to believe it was. He was so much fun that he got me to crawl all through that very big toy in McDonalds. We're talking the tall tubes, a couple of big slides, some stairs: all of it.

Mommy watched her two boys make new friends. But my new friend, Chase, made her cry. Thanks for being such a cool kid, Chase. You are awesome. You also allowed her to sit on the bench like any other parent and enjoy her mocha. It was a good day.


Tommy's mommy said...

I'm laughing so hard. Heavy sigh. If only more people would ask questions then the chances to educate and inform would increase. What a lucky kid Chase that you got to learn more today about someone differently abled. And Dylan I bet you were super excited to finally play with him.

Anonymous said...

(((((dylan and family)))))
sounds like you had a big day..I'm glad mommy shared it with us.

love to all of you

amy and mighty max said...

Oh my friend, what a wonderful moment of awareness that happened right before your eyes. Your patience and grace made all the difference and helped Chase see Dylan for all the glory, joy and sweetness that he is!

So glad you were in the right frame of mind and the lil' friend was open to learning about other people.


Eva and her 'rents said...

Good for you, K, for having an age-appropriate answer for the curious kid. I'm nervous in those situations, too. but when they go well--what a flood of emotion!

Super Mom said...

Way to go on getting all the way through the climbing structure! I'm sure your new friend's 1st choice of words were not the nicest to hear, but I'm so glad you were able to get to the heart of the matter and help him understand. Sometimes kids (and adults) sound like such jerks, but really do have a good heart underneath. I've been shocked by comments my son made that were definately not intended the way they sounded. Good job Mom.

Mary said...

What a beautiful story. Children accept when adults don't influence them. A perfect example of "faith of a child."

Carolyn said...

Kristy, I shed tears too. Hopefully Dylan will get to play with Chace again. Glad Mommy had a good time too.
Carolyn in WV

Molly said...

Kristy what a great story, this boy is the hope that people are still good and brings bright future... I shed a tear too
I hope you stayed in touch with them and there will be many more stories like this