Monday, December 15, 2008

Deep Freeze

Where we live has had some very, very, VERY cold temperatures which is pretty rare for Washington State. Normally at this time of the year we will have wind and rain. Snow isn't unheard of but temps will stay in the mid to low 30's. But now we have very cold temps and a stronger winds than normal that is an arctic freeze. No really. It's blowing in from Canada and it is really called an arctic freeze. Trust me when we say it has earned it's name well. Brr....!!!

But the high winds are causing damage to our house. We've had two trees snap and now our roof. Daddy is calling in some help as we speak but he wanted to see what is the problem. He's at work so here are the pictures...

One more thing Daddy, one of the gutters is creaking. Mommy is getting worried that it will blow off as well.


Ang said...

my prayers are with you..stay warm..and dry and get ready for the next storm to hit wednesday

Carolyn said...

We are having freezing rain today. Hope you can get the roof fixed before too much damage. Sending warm thoughts your way.
Carolyn in WV