Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Little of This and That

Daddy came home from work yesterday a little early and donned on a snowsuit. He then climbed up on the roof and fixed the area that shingles were damaged. It's a patch and he'll have to fix it a little more extensively later but it will do great for now. It's supposed to snow tonight and so there was some urgency to fix the roof fast. Funny story about Daddy fixing the roof. While he was up there, the ladder fell down. He had to call Mommy on her cell phone to come rescue him.

Jonah and I are in whiny moods today. It started yesterday afternoon and might have something to do with a junky cough we both have but Mommy isn't too concerned since it doesn't seem to be developing into anything more than that. But last night, for whatever reason, I couldn't sleep. That meant Mommy got two hours of sleep. Yep. I got up at 1 am and have been up ever since. I didn't have a nap yesterday either so Mommy's not sure how I'm doing it. I seem fine other than my whiny demeanor and this slight cough.

Mommy is hoping that Jonah and I decide to take EXTRA long naps today. She kept me from school since she wasn't sure what was going on. So today will be a quiet day at home. Hopefully, a quiet day at home filled with some nice zzz's.

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Carolyn said...

Ray, glad you had your cell with you. I'm sure it was a little cold up there.

Dylan, You and Jonah need to take a long nap so Mommy get a little nap in too or just some "mommy time".
Carolyn in WV