Friday, January 09, 2009

Illness Free

Something kind of funny has happened. Last time we were at Children's Hospital, Mommy and the doctor talked about all the illnesses I've been having. It was cold, after cold, after cold, after some other illness. Just non-stop and alarming at how sick I was getting. The doctor was pretty concerned and so the agreement when we left was that if/when the next illness hit, Mommy would take me to the doctor, get x-rays to have sent to Children's, and they would start me on heart meds. Here's the funny thing: since that conversation, we have been illness-free. Yes, its true. A whole 3-4 weeks of sniffle-free wellness.

I really didn't want to take those meds. So there.


Ang said...

You crack me up dylan! Start Knockin' on wood boy!

mama to jayna and ryen said...

Yeah, SO THERE! Fingers crossed you have MONTHS of no illness!

Gretchen said...

woo-hoo!! A whole month! That's great.

Meril said...

You're not supposed to say that stuff out loud.


Carolyn said...

Answered prayers.
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Oh how envious we are! Good job Dylan. Once we are all better and sickness free, my mommy wants us to play together. Hopefully we can arrange a playdate.