Thursday, January 08, 2009

No School....Again

Today was a repeat of yesterday. Got up. Had breakfast. Watched my favorite TV (the Disney Channel) and got ready to go to school. Then Mommy went to the school website and school is closed once again because of the rain. This is just not typical Washington State. We don't close schools because of rain....jeez.

It means that we are home again and Mommy is getting a little (or A LOT) of cabin fever. We are driving her absolutely nuts. For example, Jonah is currently running around with a blue moustache and purple hands while I'm continually locking myself in closets and then can't get out. She keeps having to 'hunt' for me because I don't cry when I get locked in the dark closet....I just sit there and patiently wait. The house is literally a disaster zone which competes with the natural disaster happening in our area. Pillows are everywhere, cars underfoot, a newly repainted wall has been artistically renovated by Jonah....again....there is grapes on the floor which Mommy keeps picking up but then finds another, etc., etc., etc.

Ugh. This is going to be a long, long, LOOOOONNNNNG day. Mommy is now going to go run after Jonah and try to get the marker out of his nose.


Carolyn said...

Kristy, I think you need to put the coffee pot on. Dylan, are you playing "hide n seek"? Jonah, use the marker on paper, not your nose or Mommy's walls.
Carolyn in WV

Super Mom said...

I have a device that you clip onto your kid (or purse, cell phone, luggage...) and the other half on your key chain and when you can't find it you push the button on your key chain and it beeps loud. You need that! I think One Step Ahead has them, it will be a big time saver :)

Dylan and Family said...

What is the name of that device?!? I'm going to start hunting that thing down right now!~ Thanks for the heads up!