Wednesday, January 07, 2009

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

We got up for school, put on our clothes, ate breakfast, and got ready for the bus. I even was putting on my jacket and shoes. Then the phone rang. It was Mommy's work telling her that the office is closed because you can't get to it. Huh? Remember all that snow we had? Well, now we have major rain storms coming through and combining it with an already saturated ground has caused flooding. Flooding so bad that the county we live in has had to declare a state of emergency. Even all the schools are closed because of the rain.

Don't get me wrong. The Northwest is used to rain. So to close schools and businesses because of it is unheard of and pretty dramatic. We live in sort of a rural area and other than a humongous puddle in front of the house, we're fine and had no idea that just down the road, homes are being evacuated. Wild.

Daddy is home so we are declaring today family day. Hooray. Mommy might put us to work cleaning the house. After all, we are all dressed up with no where to go.


Anonymous said...

Clean house? Family Day!! I vote for pj's and movie day..Snuggling cuddling and such..Thought of you and Amy and Max today. Stay safe..

Super Mom said...

Aren't these school closures funny? I get to work and my co-workers have no idea their kids' school is canceled (or late). All dressed up with nowhere to go sounds like a great way to start family day :)

amy and mighty max said...

I know crazy right? I called in to cancel Max's bus because of illness and they were like "don't bother, it's really bad out is cancelled."

Okey dokey.

By the way, the Outdoor Challenge ROCKS. Love it, love it, love it. Oh and guess what? My "wii injury" needs physical therapy. How ironic. :)

Love you!

Carolyn said...

How about a Family Day and Veggietales. Stay warm and dry.

Eva and her 'rents said...

We were all dressed, waiting for the bus that didn't come. Eva cried when I told her there was no school. I wanted to cry, too. Some days you really NEED that down time.