Sunday, January 04, 2009

More Verbal Progress

I have a new word which makes Mommy so happy. Normally, most parents would cringe about this word but Mommy is so excited. Want to know what word it is? It's the word "NO". Not only do I articulate it very well so that everyone can understand it but I'm also using it appropriately. For example...

Mommy: "Can you please eat a piece of broccoli?"
Me: "NO"

Mommy: "You need a time-out"
Me: "NO"

Mommy: "Do you want to watch VeggieTales?"
Me: (Signing very enthusiastically) VEGGIETALES!!!!!

As you can see, I have mastered my one-word sentence. Mommy is very proud of me. She can't wait to tell my speech therapists. Also, my brother Jonah is now a talking maniac. He still talks a lot of baby gibberish but is becoming more and more understandable. Especially when he is singing. He loves to sing 'Elmo's World' and 'Old McDonald had a Farm'. She got the last one on video and will post soon.

Mommy says its time for night-night...NO!


AZ Chapman said...

No way to go Dil

Carolyn said...

WooHoo Dylan, and I "NO" there is more verbals to come. You are awesome.
Knuckles to you,
Carolyn in WV