Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sinus Infection

I've had a rough week but the good news's getting better. On Wednesday night, I turned bright red from head to toe. I then spent the entire night throwing up and coughing up mucus. It was so bad, Mommy didn't get to sleep until 7am Thursday morning. She finally woke up Daddy at 7am and caught a couple hours of zzz's. Later Thursday afternoon, we went to the doctor who ran chest x-rays (which Mommy demanded) and found that although my lungs are clear, my sinuses are not. So off to the drug store to get antibiotics Mommy went.

I have since returned to my normal shades of pale boy and the antibiotics are certainly helping. I have a very runny nose and the only really sore subject is my little bottom. Yep, the antibiotcs are making my poor little bum a sight to be seen. I have a cute butt. But it is very red and sore from all the diahrrea that the antibiotics are causing. Jonah has been a little snuffy too but it seems to be in control. Mommy is crossing her fingers that his cold stays just that; a cold and she hopes he will not need antibiotics either. Two toddlers in diapers with antibiotics is not a good.

We can't complain too much though. We had a GLORIOUS month of illness free bliss. That says volumes considering it is still winter. But winter is almost over and we'll recover from this little hurdle. Just pray Mommy gets some sleep. Between Jonah and I, we've made her a little crazy at night. Good thing she loves us so....

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, Hope you are feeling better soon. I was under the weather too, but feeling better today. Kristy, put the coffee on.
Caroyn in WV