Monday, February 09, 2009

Vote For Scott M.

Hi All,
Below is a request from an acquaintance to vote for his son with ds who is a speed skater in Canada. I'd really appreciate it if you'd take the time to view the video and vote for Scott. And maybe pass the request on? I had dinner with the family several years ago in Atlanta, Ga.

We, the MacHattie family, put together a 1½ minute speed skating story video about how inclusive the sport is based upon our experience with the Oakville Speed Skating Club. It has now been selected as one of the Top 16 in the Country and is now available for national voting in the second annual ING Speed Skating Challenge. Think of it as Canadian Idol – speed skating style. The choice of the best video now lies in the hands of the public, so please encourage all of your friends to support us – without you we cannot win!

To vote for our video, you'll need to register your email address. Only one vote per email address per showdown bracket will be allowed, but, you can help us move on to the next level by sharing this with all your friends. Each voting round viewers will vote for their favourite and the video with the most votes will move on in the competition. We will need your help 4 times, as Scott moves from the top 16, to top 8, to top 4, to top 2 and hopefully to number one.

Vote for " Scott M. "

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