Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sinus Infection

Mommy kept me home from school today so we could go to the doctor. I have had a very runny nose for over three weeks and it isn't going away. Sure enough, the doctor agreed with Mommy and I have another sinus infection. I got more antibiotics and hopefully things will clear up shortly. I'm not contagious so the doctor says I can return to school but Mommy is still deciding.

One thing. While the doctor was looking in my ears, he discovered that one of my ear tubes is loose and going to fall out. We'll have to call Children's to schedule an appointment to have that checked out. Nothing big but they might want to see about getting another set in since it does seem to have dramatically helped my hearing. We'll have to see what the doctors in Seattle say.

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Anonymous said...

get better dylan..we just saw marissa at the bellevue office for another hearing test. we have to make an appointment with dr. perkins in 6 months.