Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Last Day of School

Today is my last day of school. To say thanks, Mommy and I made flower bouquets for my teachers, therapists, and bus drivers. Even though we are very excited to start summer vacation, I sure do appreciate all that they have done for me this year.

Today is my last day of school...summer vacation, here I come! Maybe I can stay in my pj's all day tomorrow? NAH.
Mommy and I made all these flower bouquets for my teachers.
Sorry this picture is a little fuzzy. But here is what it says on the back of the tag.
Such pretty flowers.
And a lot to go to all my beloved teachers, therapists, aides, and bus drivers.
Thanks for everything!


AZ Chapman said...

happy summer

Anonymous said...

those flowers and colors are beautiful..Dylan they are gonna miss you!

Happy summer vacation bud..We still got to go till friday!

Carolyn said...

You and mommy did a beautiful job. Love the colors.
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

Dylan you are such a sweetie to your teachers! Those flowers are so pretty! Happy summer.