Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sucia Island

Yesterday was SO MUCH FUN! Jonah and I went on our very first boat ride. We took an hour long trip to a gorgeous island in the San Juan's called Sucia Island. You can only get their by boat and it is uninhabited and has tons of hiking trails and beautiful sites to see. We were expecting sour weather but the sun came out to surprise us. We can't say enough thanks to our friends, the Bates Family. We really did have a WONDERFUL time and really do appreciate this special trip/occasion. Here are some pictures to share:

Here I am, in the front seat with Daddy. Look at my brother. Isn't this a great picture?
Here we are on the docks to Sucia Island getting ready to go for our first hike.
Away we go!
The trees on Sucia Island are very cool. All knotted up and great to look up at. We saw a family of bald eagles. Mommy says they poop big poopies.
Here we are taking a break. See the beautiful background?
Mr. Bates taught Jonah how to climb and walk on logs. He's getting better at it.
Our troop leader, Mr. Bates leads the way!
The beaches were fantastic! Jonah and I were particularly happy with throwing rocks into the ocean.
I got tired pretty quickly on the long hikes. So Mommy and Daddy got to carry me most of the way. Their shoulders are a little sore today. Ooops...

Thanks Again Bates Family!

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