Saturday, July 25, 2009

Beach Exploration

After we packed up our tents and camper, the P family and us headed to the beach! Again the P family took these wonderful photos and we truly do appreciate them.
Jonah kissing Emily. So Cute.
Mommy says this is her new favorite picture of Jonah. SO GREAT!
And her new favorite of Jonah and Daddy.
We saw lots of sea life. Here is a great picture Mrs. P took of a starfish.
Sometimes I wasn't too sure of the beach. Here is Mommy giving me comfort.
I played some.
Got very dirty too.
Jonah and Daddy explore a tide pool while the girls look for clams. We caught 4 really big ones!
Another starfish.
Um. Don't eat this one. Yuck.
How cute am I?
I love the P girls.
So does Jonah.
Another fabulous shot of us boys. This is getting framed for sure!
The whole family together. Thanks again P family. We had a really good time with you.


Tommy's mommy said...

Oh my Gillig's you had LOTS of fun! You all look very relaxed. Glad you found a way to beat the heat. Hope to see you soon.

Carolyn said...

Dylan, looks like you and your family are have a cool time.
Carolyn in WV