Saturday, July 25, 2009

Camping Photos

We had so much FUN camping this last week with our friends, the P family. The weather was GORGEOUS and we really enjoyed our time swimming, playing, and hanging out with our wonderful friends. Thanks again, P family! We love you so much! (ALSO, thanks for remembering your cameras and taking these pictures...Mommy still can't believe she left our camera at home!)
Sammy and Rachel swimming. Mommy loves this picture of Sammy and Sammy is aka 'Buddy' to Jonah and I. He's a pretty cool young man. Ms. Rachel looks so cute in those goggles.
Hanging poolside with our friends and Daddy.
Don't I look good in Daddy's shades and hat?
Jonah learned to JUMP into the pool. Once he got that down, he wouldn't stop. Here he is jumping into one of his favorite gal's arms...Ms. Stephanie.
I'm swimming with one of my favorite gal pals...Emily.
Jonah can climb out of the pool all by himself. He is heading for another jump into the pool. At the camping site they had these big wagons that look like they are from the wild west. I liked playing in them. The big girls slept in them!
Kiss, Kiss Rachel!
Did we mention the wonderful weather? Mommy made sure we drank lots of fluids.
Jonah and Stephanie.
Kiss, kiss Rachel. Again. I love you.
Jonah looks like he's planning something. Uh oh.
Warming feet by the 'fire'. Great photo, Mrs. P!

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Carolyn said...

OK Dylan, I'm a little jealous. Pass those kisses around, I need one. Glad you all had a good time.