Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby JJ Withdrawls and A Quick Update

So our time with Baby JJ is over and Mommy is (as she anticipated) missing him. He went back to our friends house who missed him very much during her vacation but we will see him again at church. But Baby JJ's visit has definitely been an affirmation for Mommy. She LOVES the idea of being a foster parent. Yes. It's true that you get attached. Yes. It's true that there are hard times. Yes. It's true that it brings you joy. Yes. Yes. Yes.

She did really well with three kids and is ready for more. "Bring it On" is now her motto (although it has no relation to that really bad cheerleading movie...ack!). She's ready and willing to help so hopefully we'll get our full license soon so we can share our home with another friend and playmate.

Baby JJ did leave behind a present. He had a little cold when he arrived last week and Mommy got it. She didn't want to be selfish so now the whole family is enjoying snot, coughs, and achy throats. I had to one-up everyone and took my cold to a whole new level called an ear infection. So yesterday we went to the doctors and for the first time since June, I'm back on antibiotics. But! We went a WHOLE MONTH without illness. YIPEE!!!

Other family news includes Daddy. He is getting ready to leave on Sunday for his first 2 weeks away for Navy duties. Then he'll be home for 2 days....gone again for 2 weeks...and then back. Got it? No? Me either. He will be in and out of the home for a while but then things should settle down.

Another big update is our camera. Actually..cameras (plural). The first one died. Literally. It doesn't turn on. Bummer. Then the second one is working but Mommy can't find the stupid charger for it. She's having a fit and tearing the house apart. Mommy has also been busy with other projects including making lots of blackberry jam, chocolate zuchinni bread, and harvesting her garden. She's thinking she's going to plant winter vegetables this year (a first for her) so if you have any suggestions...please share. In the meantime, where is that stinkin charger?!?


MeLissa Olson said...

Kristy - Love the foster care! My parents were foster parents most of my growing up years. My youngest two brothers were adopted into our family because the system was going to split them up. It was always something that I wanted to do, so I am happy to see that you are bringing some happy days into the lives of kids who need good solid homes.

Tommy's mommy said...

You are amazing! All fronts.

Our winter garden last year was a bust, but good luck... Territorial seeds has great stuff for NW winter gardening.

Dylan and Family said...

Thanks for the tip Sandi. I'll check it out.