Sunday, August 30, 2009

And He's Off..

Daddy leaves tomorrow night for two weeks of Navy. This is not his deployment but his regular two weeks for his Navy Reserves. He'll just be at Whidbey Island but will be staying on the base. After his two weeks Navy Reserves, he will return home for two days. Then we will see him off for an additional two days (again to Whidbey Island). As if that wasn't confusing enough, he will then be home for a little while until October 9th. That is when he starts his deployment and will be sent down to San Diego for a couple of weeks. Got that? If not, don't worry. Mommy is having a hard time keeping it straight too. Phew.

We will miss Daddy but look forward to having Mommy to ourselves. She (and Daddy) painted the kitchen yesterday and while Daddy is gone, Mommy plans to finish the rest of the living rooms. She has also been harvesting her garden and tomorrow will be peeling lots of carrots and picking corn. She has already made a lot of jam. Yummy. We are going to be BIG helpers tomorrow in the garden. Maybe. Um...maybe we'll just play on the swings...

By the way, we have located the second camera charger and Mommy has taken some pretty cute videos. Remember how Jonah can read? Well, our favorite video is Jonah reading while on the 'pot'. Very cute. We'll post that one very soon.

Until then, we have a little message for Daddy:

We will miss you, Daddy, and are very proud of you.
We love, love, love you MORE.

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