Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Hi Daddy!

A little message for Daddy:

Hi Daddy. So far, we are alive although Mommy sincerely thought about revoking that right a few times today. She says we were toddler temper tantrum kings. Maybe we were a little over the top but we made it through.

Despite our attempts to prevent this from happening, Mommy did finish painting the front room today. It was raining so she's going to harvest her corn tomorrow. The carrots are finished and maybe later in the week she'll take care of all that zucchini....what was she thinking?

I did get another prescription for my ear infection but it still seems to be even worse today despite all the antibiotics. Mommy will give it one more day before another trip to the doctors office. Hopefully my ear will start to clear tomorrow.

We love you, Daddy. Mommy misses you lots and she says that Jonah in her bed just isn't the same. But Jonah really likes his cuddle time with Mommy while you are away. He seems to have been able to take over the whole bed last night while you were gone.

Nighty, Night Daddy. Sweet Dreams.

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