Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Uncle Joe...THANK YOU!!!

My Uncle Joe sent an email to Mommy this morning telling her that he found her new favorite baseball player. Many of you know that Mommy is a HUGE baseball fan (go Mariners) but she particularly loves it when a baseball player is not only talented, but sees a bigger picture. Uncle are right. This is Mommy's ABSOLUTE new favorite baseball player. It's Albert Pujols and here is why:

Check out the website but here is a little preview of what Mr. Albert Pujols stands for. Thanks again Uncle Joe! We love you.


RK said...

Yeah, we're pretty proud of Albert around here! :) The Foundation does the neatest family events, and Albert is always there hanging out with everyone, especially the kids, the whole time. So cool!

Oh, and he has given his name to the new ADULT clinic for DS here at St. Luke's too... my sister's an administrator there, and they are SO excited!

Carolyn said...

Awesome, great website.