Monday, September 21, 2009

Puyallup Trip - UPDATED

Mommy has mixed emotions about our trip to the Puyallup fair this weekend. It is the largest fair in the state of Washington and we were pretty excited to go see. It was a first time for all that went. Mommy was even more excited to spend time with our Auntie Michelle who is visiting from Boston along with cousins Jake and Tessa who invited us. We loved spending time with them BUT Mommy and Auntie Michelle were out-manned. 4 kiddos under the age of 5 requires more than 2 adults. They managed (THANK YOU AUNTIE MICHELLE - YOU ARE A SAINT!!!) but not without some 'complications'.

First, I got too much stimulation which made me freak out. I started biting, hitting, crying, and throwing some major fits. Mommy has a couple of bruises on her arm from a couple of bites. Jonah got some scratches. I have had some freak-outs like this before. For example, a couple of times at the grocery store, once at my graduation from my birth to 3 program, an easter egg hunt, and some other excursions. Loud noises, lots of people crowding around me, and too many smells are just too much for me sometimes.

This freak out wasn't as bad as it could have been but it certainly wasn't helped along with my brother and his temper. Yep. Jonah was not very excited about the fair. He didn't want to listen, he kept running off, if put in the stroller, he screamed (or I attacked him - literally), and there was a lot of crying involved. Thank you so much Auntie for your understanding and patience. We appreciate it.

There were definitely some high points to our trip. First, Jonah and I rode our very first carnival rides. This included a kids roller coaster and a bike spinny thing. Yes, that is the technical term. It is a ride that has motorcyles on it and then you look like your riding around in circles (thus the picture above courtesy of my Auntie and her very cool camera). We also rode our very first carousel. Overall, it was a trip with both extremes. Some very difficult times and some great new experiences. Thanks again Auntie Michelle, Jake and Tessa. We love you.

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