Saturday, October 17, 2009

Daddy's On His Way!

So we've got good news...and very frustrating news.

Good news: Daddy is coming home tonight. Okay...technically he'll be home at 3am on Saturday morning and Mommy is getting us kids up to drive us to Mt. Vernon to pick him up...but the point is, that Daddy is coming home! At first, we were told Friday. Then, Daddy was to come home Monday. But today at 4pm, Mommy got a call that he was on his way. Good Grief! The Navy can be SO indecisive sometimes.

Frustrating news: Daddy had to come home because there was a paperwork snaffoo (sp?) with regards to his back injury that Daddy had last summer. If you remember, Daddy herniated a disc in his back. It's better now but the paperwork trail that was supposed to take place is that when Daddy returned to work, the original diagnosing doctor was to write a letter clearing him to be able to return to duty. What happened in actuallity, is that the Navy base doctors (who did not diagnose Daddys back injury) gave him clearance to return to work. So...long story short: Daddy is coming home to see our family doctor (the diagnosing doctor) who will then write the note that Daddy can resume work in the Navy. Then Daddy flies back to California where he gets his activation duties reinstated. Unfortunately, a note by email, or phone, or anything else will not suffice so that is why Daddy is having to come back to Washington State from California. Daddy has to see the diagnosing doctor in person. Ugh!

Does this make any sense? Mommy is a little confused also. But in the grand scheme of things, its just a small hiccup in Daddy's military duty plan for the year. In a few weeks, all will be well again.

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Carolyn said...

A little side tracked. Keeping fingers crossed and saying a prayer, that all goes well.