Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Sick and other Updates

Mommy kept me home from school today. I woke up with a high fever and was pretty lethargic. After some asprin I seem to be in better spirits but still a little warm. As for Jonah, he's fine and a WILD boy today. Mommy seems to have her hands full.

Jonah is also potty training (again). We tried over the summer but it wasn't happening but Mommy thinks its time for Jonah to have another go at big boy potty pants and the big boy toilet. So far, we've had both successes and some failures. But it seems like overall, this time will be a success. She's resorted to bribery. Who knew a single skittle would be so exciting? For every time Jonah has a success, he gets a piece. He is so excited about the skittle that he carries it around for an hour before he eats it. Silly brother.

Daddy is at the base today. He is still trying to get the medical paperwork situated so that by the end of the week or early next week, he'll be back on duty. It's been a little frustrating considering that half the time Daddy needs some paperwork from someone, they are out of their office or its being sent from California. But progress is being made and so we hope everything will be fixed by next week. We'll let you know.

Mommy is loving having a camera. Watch out! she's got lots of pictures to post.

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amy and mighty max said...

So sorry to hear about Mr. Dylan. I think Max is heading that way too. :(