Sunday, November 29, 2009

More Idaho Pictures

Here are more pictures from Idaho. Enjoy! Here I am getting ready to go on the plane!
Jonah wasn't cooperating before his first plane trip so here is Mommy giving him loves.
But on the plane trip over to Idaho, you can see he was very excited!

Here I am with Uncle Joe. As you can guess, this is also from our trip to Idaho. There were NO pictures taken on the way back. Did Mommy mention the plane trip back was NOT as peaceful as this?
IDAHO! In the van and all strapped in! Cousins here we are!
Jonah, Me and Cousin Shiloh going to their house!
HEY! Did you know they have McDonalds in Idaho?!?
Woo HOO!

Oh! Mommy forgot to mention that I got yet ANOTHER ear infection while in Boise (which also explained some of my behavior on the trip). Fortunately, we have such a long standing history with our doctors office in Washington State, that when Mommy called, they took her word for it and faxed over a prescription to a local pharmacy in Idaho. Normally, doctors won't do that because they want to see you but since they know me and Mommy...I guess there are some advantages to being a frequent visitor to a particular medical office. Ear infection is better but Mommy's gonna have to call Childrens to get me scheduled to see my doctors down there. Looks like that second set of tubes is going to come fairly soon.

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