Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our New Cousin

So first, before we start to describe our trip to Idaho, Mommy needs to make an apology. Mommy had promised her friend, Sarah, that she would call while in Idaho so we could arrange a visit. Unfortunately, things were really hectic and us kiddos were NOT on our best behavior (to be explained a little further below) so Mommy did not make the call. We love you Sarah and family. We really do apologize for not calling.

So our trip was an adventure. We were very excited to see our Uncle Casey, Uncle Joe, Auntie Kelly, Cousin Shiloh, and brand new cousin Colton. It was Jonah's very first plane trip and our trip to Idaho was actually pretty good. We sat quietly on the plane while we made the trip from Seattle to Idaho and displayed what would be exemplary behavior. Getting to and from the plane...well, that's another story. Yep. While we may have been perfect little gentlemen on the plane, in the airport security lines, the waiting areas, the corridors, and anywhere else we had to move through, we were total terrors. Mommy started calling us 'little monsters on four legs' because we were awful. But then we finally got to Idaho and locked into Auntie Kelly and Uncle Casey's van so that we finished our journey with great effort, but much excitement, since we were now in Idaho and got to meet baby Colton and see our family. Phew.

Baby Colton is an amazing little baby. He is a very healthy little eater and loves to be held. He also showed us up by sleeping for 4-5 hours at a time through the night. We boys...not so much. In fact, Mommy averaged about 4 hours of sleep a night while in Idaho because us boys would simply not cooperate. Thank goodness Uncle Joe is AWESOME and would sometimes help Mommy out in the morning so she could sleep a little before she got moving. The sleep deprivation along with what culminated to be our worst behavior...EVER....really challenged Mommy. Again. THANK YOU Uncle Joe. You are simply the coolest Uncle to walk the face of the planet. Mommy (and us boys) love you lots.

So although Mommy seems to be complaining lots, the trip overall was nice. We got to see our family who we miss so much. Jonah and I loved playing with our cousin Shiloh and all the adults had to monitor me pretty closely when I was around baby Colton. I love him so much, I kept kissing, and kissing, and kissing him....and kissing, and kissing, and kissing....yep, I love my cousin Colton.

The trip home was sad for Mommy because she loved seeing her sister and was sad to leave her. It was made worse by what had to have been one of the more trying parenting experiences Mommy has ever had with us boys despite some of the most spectacular travel pre-planning a parent can ever perform for a plane trip. Uncle Joe was with us on the plane and he can attest that we were terrible. TERRIBLE! You know its pretty bad when the stewardesses are giving you extra special attention, you are pre-warned of turbulance so you have extra time to strap your kid down, AND you are apologizing to EVERY person on the plane for the screaming, kicking, and items thrown at random heads. Not only are you apologizing, but so are the stewardesses on your behalf. Fortunately, these stewardesses really were spectacular and understanding which really did help. We also had a couple of people that sat behind us that were very encouraging to Mommy. That is something to be grateful for.

Thanks again Auntie Kelly, Cousin Shiloh, Uncle Joe, Uncle Casey and Cousin Colton. We loved seeing you despite some very challenging behavior. You are awesome. Here are some pictures from our trip:

This is Cousin Shiloh. She loves to pose for the camera. We can't believe how big she is getting!
Here is the blow-up bed that Jonah and I slept on. Oh...yes that is me trying to climb into the crip. Ugh!
How cute is this?!? Uncle Casey with his brand new son, Colton (aka Cole).
The little man. Colton (Cole) John is a beautiful baby!

Mommy trying desperately to keep us kids entertained so Auntie Kelly and Uncle Casey could get some much needed rest. Auntie Kelly was so great...she had surgery and was just an amazing patient!
Here is Uncle Joe. Awesome Uncle Joe.
Cousin Shiloh loves dress-up! She and Mommy also made cool flower barrets for her classmates hair. It was lots of fun!
Here is one last picture of baby Cole. Aaah.

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Carolyn said...

What a "cute" new cousin you boys have.kristy, I hope your next plane ride will be better and I'm sure it will as the boys get older. Love the pictures and glad to see your post.
Carolyn in WV