Friday, December 18, 2009

December Pictures

Here are some pictures from what we have been doing this past month. So sorry for the delay. But as you'll see, we've been pretty busy. So busy that Mommy hasn't had time to download photos so here it all one BIG post.

It never fails. Daddy is about to head out of town, so something has to break. "What a sexy plumber"...Mommy says! (I say, "eeeeww!")
Clogging anyone? I love walking around in Mommy's garden clogs.
Blurry but very cute picture of Jonah dancing (DANCING!) in the Santa hat.
I'm so cute. Mommy just loves me so!

The best photo of the season for Jonah!
This is NOT my best photo of the season.
Kitties have found their Christmas spirit too. Right under the tree!
Our tree is definitely designed for toddlers. No fantastic designs this year. Just very PRACTICAL!
Jonah hamming it up for Mommy.
Jonah loves animals. It's not uncommon to find him curled up with the puppies or kitties.
He likes to cover them up like babies for 'night-night' and then sings to them. SO cute!
We also love to climb into Mommy and Daddy's bed.
It's extra comfy. Especially when we kick them OUT!
This is the boxes that Mommy filled with cookies and other goodies for my teachers and bus drivers. Yummy. Our house smelled REALLY good for a couple of days.
Grandma B gave us the idea for a Reindeer mix for my fellow classmates. It has oats and red sparkles in it to help Rudolph find their houses.

Jonah and I have really gotten into wrestling/rough play. Mommy has to monitor pretty closely.
But then Daddy gets involved. As you can see, we where very happy to have him home tonight.
Add in some puppies and its chaos. Thus, the blurry picture.

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Carolyn said...

It was worth the wait to see all the pictures. Love the animals in the pics, they are family too.
Merry Christmas,
Carolyn in WV