Wednesday, December 23, 2009

And Every Knee Shall Bow

We had a funny day yesterday. So funny that Mommy was in hysterics with laughter. We're talking can't talk, can't breathe, watery eyes kind of hysterical laughter. Two separate incidents but both certainly noteworthy.

The first incident is funny but Mommy had to hold it together at first. You see, my brother Jonah is going potty like a big boy (still working on the poopy part). Yesterday, he went to go potty like a good boy and went to stand at the toilet. He had his socks on and wouldn't ya know it, he slipped. Yep. My brother did a face plant right into the toilet. He is fine and cried for a few seconds. He also has a small bruise on the forehead but all is well.

Then Mommy got a call from Grandpa. He called to announce that the cat had stolen Jesus. Yep. Jesus from their Nativity scene was catnapped. The cat culprit hid Jesus and my parents were literally on their hands and knees looking for Jesus. My uncle Joe got involved in the search and was lifting up the couches and furniture. Sure enough, Jesus was found. But not before the cat took off with the Angel.

Mommy thought this second incident was hilarious. She kept thinking that what if the cat had swallowed Jesus? How would you explain that to the vet? ...."Um, hello Mr. Vet. Can you help us save Jesus?"...or...."Mr. Vet, will the cat pass Jesus?" She kept thinking over all the different scenarios and potential discussions that would happen with the vet if the cat had eaten the small statuette and it just made her giggle. A lot.

But what was even funnier was her friend Karin's comment (thus the title of this post)
about the search for the catnapped Jesus:
God has an awesome sense of humor!
brings to mind the verse "and every knee shall bow..."

Thanks Karin. We love you!

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