Sunday, January 10, 2010


We have had a nice quiet weekend at home. It has been surprisingly warm so Saturday, Jonah and I spent lots of time outdoors (making mud pies...or something akin to them) while Mommy sorted through our rooms. Our toys are now somewhat organized and my room is a little less smelly. One of our puppies had an accident last weekend and that included pooping on a heater vent in the bathroom that shares a wall next to mine. The vent also heats my room and so the mess spread all through out the heating vents and chamber. While this mess has been cleaned up several times, the smell keeps resurfacing after the heat comes back on. So Mommy was laying on the floor with her arm stuck down the heating vent trying to scrub, scrub, scrub. Ugh.

We can't complain too much though. Our puppy is very sick and it looks like he won't be around too much longer. We love our puppy, Jack. In October, he started to have what appeared to be an eye infection. After two rounds of antibiotics and vet visits, there wasn't any improvement. So Mommy took him in again last week and had some tests run. Jack was diagnosed with Horners Syndrome which seems to be a secondary reaction to what we have now discovered is most likely thyroid or throat cancer. This explains many things including his new cough and harder breathing. It also explains the drooping eye and facial structure. We will make him comfortable but eventually it will be time. Mommy, Daddy, and Uncle Don (who LOVES Jack) are pretty sad so Jack is getting lots of love. Lots and lots.

Today will be all about the football games. Then Daddy will be home who was gone this weekend. So all that is left to say is this..."GO GREEN BAY!"

Where's my Cheesehead?

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Carolyn said...

I'm so sorry about Jack. Our Boston Terrier had about the same thing 3 years ago and well, you know what we had to do. It's hard when they are like family members too. So after 3 years we now have another Boston. Kristy, we have been watching GB, doesn't looke to good.
Love you all,
Carolyn in WV