Friday, March 12, 2010


This week I had my IEP. This means that Mommy sat down with all my teachers and therapists from school and we developed a plan for my next school year. Can we say, 'kindergarten'? Yep. I'm heading to big, big boy school.

Mommy will be the first to admit she was actually sick to her stomach thinking about this IEP and the couple of months leading up to the meeting, she went through quite the thought process. Originally she was ticked to consider that I may be placed in a secluded class rather than an inclusive environment. Mommy really, really, REALLY wanted me to be in an inclusive setting. But that was her dream. It took a while, but Mommy soon figured out that what she wanted wasn't exactly what I needed. See, I've been acting up in class. I've been biting, spitting, and pinching my teachers and therapists. If I was to be placed into an inclusive environment, most likely I would be a distraction and possibly a danger to other kids. So Mommy had to recognize that I needed a more controlled environment. So, to the secluded classroom I go.

IEP's are also where Mommy learns how much growth I've made in my development, and just as she suspected, my growth has been nominal. In fact, I only completed one goal from my IEP that was established last year. That was the ability to jump forward and consecutively.

But at the IEP, despite Mommy's fears and disappointments at my lack of progress, we had a HUGE celebration. Yep. My Physical Therapist at school pulled out the tricycle and put me on it. Then I started pedaling all around the class completely unassisted (I've never done this at home) and then made a quick escape. The classroom door to the hallway was open so I took off and started shouting at the top of my lungs. Lots of the elementary kids in the wing of that hallway came out to see what all the fun was about. It was great. Mommy was so proud she had tears in her eyes.

The IEP did come with some other great things too. I am going to the school Mommy and Daddy wanted. I get to go to summer school this year. I am also keeping all of my therapies. I get to ride the bus again (a favorite part of my day). I get to go 5 days a week for 3 hours. In consideration of my poor eyesight, I will always be placed in front of the class and in the line of sight of all demonstrations and displays. Overall, a good IEP. Mommy can breathe again now.


Ang said...

YEah for your progress bud..and you tell mommy your progress comes in're doing great little buddy...keep up your hard work..take it easy on the teachers this next year.

Carolyn said...

Dylan, I'm soooo excited for you. You will be crossing more things off of your "to do list".
Carolyn in WV

Tommy's mommy said...

A tricycle?? Oh my goodness! Go Dylan go... but not too fast and not too far.