Monday, March 01, 2010

The Saga Continues

We had a rough week last week but apparently that wasn't enough. Wouldn't ya know, I had to get sick too. Yep. Pneumonia and and ear infection to be exact. Mommy ended up taking me to the hospital last night to get help controlling a big fever that caused a rash all over my body. They did x-rays and got me antibiotics to get me on track to better health.

So we are taking the week off. Literally! Mommy canceled school and all therapy appointments for the entire week. Only J and M have their appointments. The rest of us will just lie low at home. It will be good quality family time.

Uh Oh. Gotta go. Jonah is playing with the dryer and Mommy's not happy about it!


Anonymous said...

oh man...Hugs little buddy...(Germ free of course) Feel better

Gretchen said...

Yuck! That's no fun at all. I have a few windows of time and could help with transport for J & M if the times match up. Call if you want some help w/that...

Carolyn said...

Oh no, hope you are feeling better soon.
Carolyn in WV