Friday, June 11, 2010

Foster Kids

Mommy is a little sad today. She is packing up the two wonderful foster kids that have lived with us for 6 months. We are to have them moved to another home due to an issue involving biting. M, a 4 year-old girl, had a brilliant idea. Her Mommy got in trouble and so she had to move to a new home (aka our house). So, why not get foster-mom in trouble and maybe get to move back? Makes sense to a 4 year-old. Fortunately, Mommy found out and NO, she is not in trouble. Here is what happened:

M is a very smart little girl and is very determined to move back to her Mommy. Unfortunately, her above plan comprised of coaxing me to bite her. I already have a problem with biting and Mommy has been working very hard to make sure I have this behavior under control. Over the last two weeks, M has been bitten by me several times and at first, Mommy placed all the blame on me. Then this last weekend, she found M sticking her hand in my mouth so I would bite her. It turns out that M was also biting herself. So, for her safety and to not encourage any more biting from me, Mommy had to ask that she be removed.

Mommy is pretty sad. She loves these little kids and is even more upset that M felt she had to hurt herself or encourage me to hurt her so she could go back to her Mommy. But our experience with our first long-term placement with Foster care was challenging - but very rewarding. We witnessed some dramatic changes with J and M which included in school, at home, eating, over-all health, behavioral, and much more. We look forward to opening our home to another child very soon. But sniff, sniff. We'll miss you J and M.


AZ Chapman said...

Dylan tell your mom that fostering kids takes a lot and I am proud that she took that on and i hope that the new foster kids are nicer.

Ang said...

(((((Kristy))))I can only imagine what you must be feeling, but oh so proud of you for making the best decision for you and your family. Miss ya.

Carolyn said...

Dylan and Family, Sorry that the foster kiddos have to leave.I know they have gotten alot of care and love from your family.
Carolyn in WV