Thursday, June 03, 2010

How We Are Doing

So we miss our Daddy. I've been looking for him and Mommy found me a couple of time in the back bedroom walking around looking for Daddy. In fact, she saw me pull back a shower curtain and to see if he was there. Mommy says that Daddy is doing well in Japan but has a nasty cold. We wish him a big kiss and lots of kleenex to help him get better.

We made pizzas last night. Mommy got us all our own pizza crust and then we put our very own toppings on them. J and M really enjoyed this activity. I claimed my pizza right away by licking my crust. Just like that VW commercial where the guy likes a car, sees another person coming to look at it, so he licks the door handle to claim it. That was me. Just with the pizza. Very cute.

Jonah had some quality Mommy time yesterday. The state gave Mommy some daycare for M who has been quite a handful. To help her out, M goes to daycare 3 days a week so Mommy can get stuff done and take me to my therapies. Jonah has been enjoying the daycare for M because that means he gets Mommy all to himself. Yesterday it was rainy and Mommy had errands to run. So Jonah got to go to the mall with Mommy (don't worry, only spent $15 Daddy). He loved running through the halls and helping Mommy pick up some things that she needs.

J and M are doing well for the most part. M is a little girl with some serious behavior issues. She was abused and neglected but mostly, she was never parented. She struggles with following directions, staying focused on tasks, and has some pretty big outbursts. She put a hole in our door a while back and the state had to buy Mommy a new one. The behavior was getting better but then their bio-mom canceled their last parental visit because she was sick. So M has been very difficult the last few days and Mommy is struggling to remain patient.

On the other hand, J is a little boy and is fantastic. He does have some issues but mostly it was because he was the parent role for 8 other kids. He gets really bossy and Mommy has to curb that. She is constantly reminding him who the adult is. But other than that, he does really well and is making huge leaps in school work and in social skills. To the bio-mom's credit, she is really working hard to regain custody of her kids and has been doing some fantastic things from what my Mommy has seen. This includes following court orders, taking parent classes, etc. Hopefully, J and M will start reunification this summer.

I am doing okay. My biting, spitting, and pinching is not subsiding so we have been recommended by therapists to get a psychiatric consultation done. Mommy is cautious about this step but she has tried everything to fix these habitual and impulse behaviors. You might ask why she's cautious? Well, it seems that Mommy is getting the impression that there is more to these behaviors that meet the eye. Perhaps another diagnosis might be coming. We don't know. Hopefully, after our consultation, we will have better tools to curb my impulses. Sigh.

Okay. Off to do errands with Mom. We love you, Daddy. Get better soon.

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, your mommy has a really full plate and needs you to be a big boy. ((Kristy)) Hey Dylan, whatever it takes to get your own pizza, licks are good. What did you put on it?

Kristy you are an awesome mommy taking on two additional little ones. I know your parenting will help them and hopefully one day they will be with their bio-mom.

Ray, take care of your cold.

Carolyn in WV