Sunday, July 25, 2010

Updates, Updates, Updates

We've been busy. First, Daddy is home and we are very excited about that. He is working so hard and some pretty long hours but we've had some cuddle time with him, particularly out in the warm weather while laying in the hammock together.

We have two new foster kids living with us now. We have a 3 year old boy (J) who is only 6 days older than Jonah! Then there is J's little brother, 9 month-old D, who is a "BABY CUTE" as I like to put it. J, Jonah, and I get along fantastically for the most part. Being so close in age has made J an insta-buddy for us and besides the occasional spat over who gets what toy, we do pretty well. Particularly if Mommy makes us play outside. Then we do very well. Indoors, not so much, but we're working on that.

Mommy is loving having a baby in the house. D is a very good baby which makes things nice and sleeps pretty well. He's had some ear infections and is going to need ear tubes very soon. In addition, he is currently popping four teeth all at once. That has put a cramp in his normal giggly style but that will pass soon.

I am in summer school right now and LOVING it. We play outside, sing a very cool welcome song, and I get to ride the bus. Mommy says I am pretty worn out afterwards but pssht! What does she know! Who needs naps anyway? I got two other fun toddlers in the house to play with so laying down is not on my agenda.

One bummer for the summer has been our teething puppy. She ate another pair of my glasses so Mommy has ordered me more. That is one expensive chew toy. But besides Kirby's tendency to eat my glasses, she is a very good dog. She is so well behaved and is getting really big. She and Elsa (our other dog) have really bonded. She's even got Elsa playing with her which is great for Elsa who is almost 11 years old and has some arthritis. Kirby also loves to play ball with me. She and I play catch a lot.

Jonah is growing like a linebacker. Seriously! The kid is HUGE! No one ever guesses that he is just three (almost four). He has outgrown me by quite a bit now and is so incredibly smart. Not only can he spell and read, but now he is even teaching himself basic math! Just this morning, he had Mommy count six rocks with him. Then he took away three and observed that there were only three left. He did that all by himself. Its freaking Mommy out a little bit.

We had some sad news. Our great Grandpa (Daddy's Grandpa) passed away on Friday. Daddy is heading over to Eastern Washington to go to his funeral later this week. Daddy is pretty sad but we are very happy that great Grandpa is now with his beautiful wife. Mommy can't remember a single time that she spoke with great-Grandpa and he didn't mention how much he loved his wife. Very sweet and inspiring.

There are many more updates to share but I have to go to bed. I have school early in the morning. We'll catch up more soon!


Carolyn said...

So glad to see updates. Dylan it sounds like you and your family have been very busy. And glad you like summer school.

((Kristy)) you are an awesome Momma and to take on two more to love and nurture is fantastic.

Ray have a safe trip.

Carolyn in WV

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh..I really do need to see you guys. I miss my Dylan Smiles, kisses, and hugs