Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Reason To Foster

So we wanted to share that Mommy became interested in Foster care because of one particular child that we have come to know through church. We have known him from birth and Mommy pushed to get licensed so we could become respite providers for this little guy. Of course, Mommy soon discovered that if she was going to dive into becoming a licensed foster care provider, it wouldn't be for just one child. There are so many out there, including the two cuties we have sharing our home with us right now, that need love and support while their families have time to work their issues out.

We now have two reasons to celebrate becoming a Foster family. First, the two kiddos we had living with us for six months (J and M) will soon be reunited with their Mommy. We are proud of how hard this Mommy has worked. She is learning new parenting skills through classes and is truly becoming a better parent who genuinely wants to provide her kids that safe and affectionate home they deserve. All of this is now coming to fruition. We are excited to hear that J and M will hopefully be in their home soon. Possibly in the next three to four weeks. Congrats and we love these kiddos immensely. They were our first long-term placement and it is so great to know that all is working out.

But back to the little guy who started it all. Things are not working out with his Mommy. So that means that the state has begun terminating parental rights for his biological Mommy and Daddy. While it is sad that these parents were unable to recover fully from their drug addictions (something to pray about), it does mean that this little boy is looking for his "forever" home. That is where this post comes in. We want to be that home. Really, really, REALLY want it. Mommy just tears up at the idea of having him here.

So can you please pray? We obviously cannot share details, but we are beginning this process with our little hopeful. We cannot name him, share his picture, or give details about his family background. What we can tell you is that we will call him Jack for internet purposes (not his real name) and that Jack is 18-months old. He is Native American so while we hope to be his forever family, it will be a permanent guardianship rather than an adoption. We would adopt him in a heartbeat but his tribe will not allow that kind of permanent placement.

Here are some things I can share with you about Jack. He is SO cute, loves anything with a motor and this includes sleeping with a motorcycle, and eats blueberries like you wouldn't believe. He has a 6-month old baby sister (not part of the process at this time). He keeps you on your toes.

There you go. Pray. Pray. Pray. Thank you.


Tommy's mommy said...

Wow. On the one hand it's exciting knowing that the Gillig family would be so great for baby Jack, but on the other so sad that his bio parents can't kick the habit. Many prayers for all! I hope he joins you guys really soon.

Eva and her 'rents said...

Sending love your way!

Carolyn said...

Oh Kristy, you and your family certainly have my thoughts and prayers.(tears of happiness) You are one busy Momma.
Carolyn in WV

Ang said...

Dylan, I'll pray for you, Jonah, mommy and daddy...and I'll pray for jack..

My mind is filled with all the things that Jonah and you can teach him..and what he will teach you and Jonah..

I love studying native american culture, and listening to their stories and traditions that have been passed down.

Bless you all..My heart and head is filled with prayers.

My sincerest sympathies to your family on great grandma passing.

Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Jonah !!!

mama to jayna and ryen said...

Will praying. Love to you all.

ellen charge said...

lost track of u all but im back remember me im the charger like max found u on there ages ago big hugs