Friday, October 29, 2010

Our week in review

The verdict is in. We loved the Great Wolf Lodge. We went last weekend before Daddy headed off for a month to Japan. We stayed two nights and loved every minute of it. Every day since, Jonah has asked when we can go back. He also has been asking to see Grandma and Grandpa Paulie again since they provided us with two spectacular days of movies, corn mazes, and (drum roll please) UNCLE JOE! We really did have a great time as a family.

Now that we are back from our trip, we have settled into our groove. Daddy left on Monday for Navy stuff. He'll be back on Thanksgiving day (or so) and until that time, Mommy has gotten us pretty well scheduled and well-adjusted to his absence. Mommy started working a couple of weeks ago for the Bellingham School district in one of the middle schools. She LOVES it. Seriously...she LOVES LOVE LOVES it. She takes me to my bus first thing in the morning and then takes Jonah to his new "play school" (its actually a daycare but he calls it school). Jonah has adjusted well to going to daycare and is even behaving better at home now (what does this mean?). I go to school and then spend a couple of hours at "play school" with him until Mommy comes and gets us at 3:30. Then, we have Mommy's undivided attention. We love it. Lately, we've been playing a lot of games, especially on the Wii. Yep, Mommy is making sure we know she loves us. Lots.

As for Daddy, his trip seems to be going well. We finally got to talk to him today and he said that there is a typhoon in Japan right now. Lots of wind and rain...pretty much like what we had when he left home. He said that he is doing well and starts lots of classes next week for some extra training. He seems to be well and even caught a movie the other day so he's not too busy.

We miss him though. Especially when incidents like this afternoon. Mommy got pretty mad at him today when he wasn't home to help with the squirrel the dogs caught this afternoon. She tried to save it (a mistake) but the squirrel was pretty hurt so she had to put it down. She couldn't find the bullets for the gun so she had to do it with a shovel....not a great way to start a weekend. Come home, put screaming kid into time-out, kill a squirrel, put darn dogs in time-out, put screaming child back into time-out, let out dogs, make dinner, and then clean up squirrel remains after those darn dogs found where Mommy thought would be its final resting place. Yep. She was MAD at Daddy. Bet he's thankful he's halfway around the world right now if he's reading this. Good thing she has until Thanksgiving to recover. Huh, Daddy?

All right. Time for bed. We love you Daddy. Hugs, kisses, and eyebrows.


amy and mighty max said...

Soooooo happy you are enjoying your new adventure Kristy! :) The students are very blessed to have you with them!

Eva and her 'rents said...

Way to kick a** with all that drama, K! You're a tough cookie. Glad to hear the boys (and you) are adjusting and loving the new schedule. Hi Ray, way over there!