Sunday, November 07, 2010

Hi Daddy

Hi Daddy. We are having a good week despite a set-back this weekend. I got the stomach flu and Jonah had it on Friday. According to the daycare, they said it's going around and that it lasts typically 24 hours. Yep. That's about right. Except it was BAD timing. Mommy was watching two kiddos for some foster-parent friends so they could have a night off. For the first time ever, Mommy had to call them to come get them. I started throwing up and the shop vac that Mommy pulled out to clean it up with (love throw-up on carpet) kind of freaked them out. They both have autistic characteristics and so all the drama and loud noises for a new place was just not a good combo. We'll try again maybe one of these upcoming weekends.

We have a surprise. Actually, Mommy says she loves, loves, loves you soooooo much. I mean she really, really loves you....loves, you times infinity! How come? Well, first because she misses you and thinks you're hot (eww). Second, she splurged today. She spent $100 and bought a used camera from a professional photographer who upgraded his camera. It's super nice. Just like you, Daddy. You're not mad that Mommy did that, are you? Come on! Look at our sweet faces.

We really do love you, Daddy. Kidding aside, we've missed you a lot this past week. Only 2 1/2 weeks until you're home. It can't come fast enough. To give you an update, Jonah is having a blast at his new 'school' (aka Daycare) and I am doing well in school. I lost yet another pair of glasses so Mommy ordered a new pair for me and the puppies are behaving for the most part. Mommy is still LOVING her job. She really does enjoy working with the students and is having a blast working with her new friends.

Kisses to you. We love you lots.

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, hope you are feeling better. I'm excited for you all that your Daddy will be coming home. Love the pics your mommy took of you and Jonah and the puppies.
Carolyn in WV