Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Pics with the New Camera

We are having fun with the new camera. Here are some of the funny pictures we took while messing around. You'll notice Jonah' doing some dance and for whatever reason that he thought was funny, pulling his pants up over his belly. He thought that was hilarious. Silly brother. Then there are some group pictures and some some of me. I wasn't as cooperative as my brother (aka Photo Hog Jonah). But it was fun all the same. Enjoy Daddy. We miss you lots.


Ang said...

He must of been doing his "Steven Q Urquel" immitation for you Dylan..

I love the pictures from the new camera Dylan..

Hugs to you, jonah and mommy

Tommy's mommy said...

Too cute! You guys are getting so big! Kristy we need to catch up soon, playdate or coffee or whatever works.

Carolyn said...

Love all the pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Carolyn in WV