Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

This is our friend Jaime. He was here with Uncle Joe and his Mommy H (we love her). Jaime learned all about our family's obession with black olives. Here is just one reason why. Fingers!
Jonah showing the craziness of the black olives.

We also went to Uncle Reed and Auntie Jodel's house for an Easter Egg Hunt. But I think the Warrior Princess Quad stole the show.

Here is Uncle Joe with his girlfriend, Heidi. Aah.

Uncle Joe and Jonah deep in conversation.

Here is Grandma meeting Baby V for the first time.

QUAD! Go Jonah!

Jaime scores on the egg hunt!

Mommy loves this picture. It's little J catching up with his Daddy.

Uncle Joe. Nuf said.

Uncle Joe and Heidi again.

((Deep Sigh))

I bailed on that little basket. Now I'm good to go. Load 'r up!

Jonah doing some serious egg hunting. He missed the one right next to him.

I got distracted. I'm a cool bike rider and had to take a break from the egg hunt. The magnetic pull of the awesome bike was just too much for me and I had to get on.

Jaime found some eggs. He liked the egg hunt and we liked having him to play with.

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Carolyn said...

Dylan, you sure have been busy. 4 wheelin, egg hunt and then the bike. Love all the pics. Sweetie, you are amazing. The picture of J following daddy, Priceless.
Carolyn in WV