Monday, June 06, 2011

Jim Creek

We know it has been a while since we posted but we really do have a good reason. We haven't been home. Every weekend has been spent away until now. Our first outing was to Jim Creek campgrounds in Arlington, WA. It is a Navy camping facility that we went to for Daddy's work. We rented a cabin and although it rained (we do live in WASHINGTON), we still had a great time. Only downer was the last day when Jo Jo came down with the stomach flu. Mom thought it was kind of funnywhen he threw up on Daddy but wasn't as impressed when he had diahrrea the next morning and we evacuated the cabin in record time. Enjoy the photos:

Chillin' in the cabin.

The cabin. Pretty, huh?

Baby Victoria playing on the porch.

Here is Daddy braving the elements to start a fire.

Good Luck with that one, Dad. It's Raining.

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Carolyn said...

The cabin is really nice. Always nice to get away.