Friday, June 06, 2008

More Medical Updates

We've been very busy this week with lots of medical appointments. To start off the week, I broke my glasses for the umpteenth time. They are now in the car so Mommy can take them in. Basically it means I'm getting new glasses. Again.

Then I got new shoes. These are a type of orthodic (like my old ones but bigger) and you wouldn't BELIEVE the price tag! $1184.13. Yep. Over a thousand buckeroos for a pair of shoes. Thank goodness we've got insurance which should take care of most of that. The rest she is going to try and get assistance with from some special groups that help with just this sort of thing. But can you believe it?!? Talk about some serious sticker shock and Mommy is going to post a picture. Paris Hilton or whomever certainly wouldn't want these but Mommy's sure that is the kind of money that they would pay for a pair of shoes. Thank goodness we don't live that kind of lifestyle. Seriously...over $1000 for a pair of shoes. To think that I'm going to outgrow them too. That's painful.

Mommy also got a call from our pediatrician this week about my heart. As we've stated earlier, I'm going to have another heart surgery but the doctors are wanting to wait until they proceed. But Mommy didn't know why they wanted to wait. Especially since waiting too long can be pretty bad too. But now we understand. The doctor's were right. Mommy was wrong. The heart surgery will be pretty extensive and most likely will mean that afterwards, I'll have to take anti-couagulant (sp?) drugs for the rest of my life. These drugs will alter my activity level and limit me in many ways. Not to mention, that we were just balking at a $1000 for a one-time deal on shoes. Wonder what it will cost monthly for drugs? Ouch. Our insurance company must LOVE us. So waiting might not be so bad. Mommy just really doesn't want to see me get too sick. She says it's heart-wrenching.


Anonymous said...

you are in my thoughts and prayers little one..Love you!!

JAYNA BEAN said...

I'm glad the phone call has answered your questions...and now we can will all just wait and pray and wait and pray.